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Our Mission: We believe that each child is divinely appointed to a particular family.  Our mission is to bring together those who are and those who are not in a position to parent these children so that each child finds the family designed for them.

 Crystal Adoptions offers a uniquely personal adoption experience.  We strive to create bonding and unity between those who place and receive a child for adoption.  Our focus is on grace and kindness for the individual and friendship and communication between those who will be an essential part of a child’s entire life.
Crystal Adoptions believes that every person pursuing adoption has the right to feel heard and understood:
  • Pregnant women have the right to parent or choose an alternative to parenting based on what is right for them personally.  They deserve respect, kindness, and help in making those decisions.
  • Birth fathers have the right to understand the process, deal with their own feelings about adoption, and know that they have rights also. They deserve as much respect and kindness in decision-making as their partners.
  • Adoptive parents have the right to fair fees and practices, compassionate service and professionals who are interested in the big picture.  They deserve considerate communication, explanations and a chance to voice their feelings about the process.
  • Everyone who is a part of the adoption process has the right to choose what is best for them without fear of repercussion. We acknowledge that adoption is an important decision and should be handled with support and care.

We strive to work with a network of providers who exemplify these same beliefs. We’re here to hold your hand through each step of the process.

For more information and to see if this option is right for you visit our website at http://www.CrystalAdoptions.com or call our off at (770) 354-2376.

Enjoy our articles about family and adoption while you’re here!

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