Thursday’s Thoughts – Don’t Make Resolutions

IMG_1498It’s still January, are your resolutions made? Mine aren’t.  Actually, a few years ago I made a resolution never to make New Year resolutions.  It is the only resolution I have ever kept for more than a few weeks.

Renewing our commitment to things isn’t a bad thing…but it is sometimes counterproductive to actually doing what we know we should just do.  A resolution, for me, is just a way of saying that I failed before but now I’m going to give it another shot.  That doesn’t sound very motivating to me.

So, I quit making resolutions and started focusing on new projects each January.  I said my goodbyes to my undone goals (and any guilt or shame associated) in December and put all of my efforts into seeing my year as a brand new, whole, package just waiting for me.

It doesn’t keep me from failing at some of them.  It doesn’t mean I have more successes or failures at all.  But I figure that if God gave me another year to get something done He doesn’t want me spending too much time in the past.

Dee Shihady (Executive Director of Crystal Adoptions)

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