4 Days Left to Win our Featured Author’s Book!

Birds of a Feather

Our generous featured author, Kelley Wendel, has donated 5 signed books to give away on the first day of spring!  Be one of our winners by doing one or more of the following.  The more you do, the more chances to win!

        1. Like THIS post (so I know you want to be included on the drawing)
        2. Go to our Facebook page and  LIKE us there: CRYSTAL ADOPTIONS (Be sure to say hello so I know you’re there and give you an extra chance to win!)
        3. Visit our WEBSITE, then come back here and tell us about something you saw on it (anything that catches your eye) and we’ll give you another chance to win!



Birds of a Different Feather is a beautifully illustrated and uplifting story of a family that is formed differently than most.  This book speaks directly to families comprised of members with differing genetic backgrounds such as adoptive and foster families, blended families with step and half siblings, and families assisted by extensive reproductive technology.  However, it shares a message of love and acceptance for all families through its whimsical text and enchanting artistry.

(Click the title link above to learn more about the book and the author!)

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2 thoughts on “4 Days Left to Win our Featured Author’s Book!

    • I love it too! Of all of the adoption quotes this is my favorite because it covers ALL types of families and how they’re made…not just adoption.

      Thanks for visiting today Gayle. I put you in the drawing for another 2 chances! (3 counting the Facebook visit)

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