Book Review: Birds Of a Different Feather by Kelley Wendel

Birds of a FeatherHen and Gander are ready to start a family and hatch a beautiful baby, Gosling.

Soon, Gosling wants siblings.  She searches high and low.  In the grass and thistles, she finds a baby duckling.  She loves the new baby so much that she wants another bird to make the family complete.  She soon finds a baby chicken under an oak tree.  Come see how these Birds of a Different Feather make their own unique family.

 Birds of a Different Feather is a beautifully illustrated and uplifting story of a family that is formed differently than most.  This book speaks directly to families comprised of members with differing genetic backgrounds such as adoptive and foster families, blended families with step and half siblings, and families assisted by extensive reproductive technology.  However, it shares a message of love and acceptance for all families through its whimsical text and enchanting artistry.                                                                                                                                           

Birds of a Different Feather is a small book with a big heart, a triumphant story of love!  

About The Author:  Kelley Wendel

After achieving a BSN degree from the University of Illinois Kelley and Philip married and had their first child.  Unfortunately, the next pregnancies resulted in painful miscarriages and worse—a devastating and rare infertility diagnosis.

Philip and Kelley both carry an immune marker (DQ Alpha allele 1.2) that allows for only one live birth; all others succumb within the first trimester.   The only alternative would be to altar the child’s genetic makeup.  This left them with limited and ethically complex options that would test their faith and resolve as they contemplated the new reproductive area of embryo adoption.  After  a few failed attempts they finally experienced a successful pregnancy and Kelley gave birth to fraternal twin boys!

If you’d like to know more about Kelley’s journey through embryo adoption visit:  Journey of a Donor  Gamete Mom and Defending My Donor Egg & Donor Sperm Family


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